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C-Byte is a key vendor at some of the world's largest companies running some of the biggest and most complex applications in the world. C-Byte sells its products directly to end users through its worldwide sales force.

Vegas focuses on direct and operator-leveraged success from celebrity events and mega casino-hotel resorts worldwide. Vegas continues to build long term relationships with partners and customers.

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American Headquarters:
Vegas License International LLC
3565 Las Vegas Boulevard South 148
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
United States of America

Network Operations

Vegas has an open peering policy, to improve the experience of our users throughout the globe.

Westin Building
2001 6th Avenue Suite 1919
Seattle, Washington 98121
United States of America

Sales Office

Products are also sold to value-added resellers (VARs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and distributors in the United States and internationally.

112 Baldwin St.
Jenison, Michigan 49428
United States of America
FedEx · DHL · UPS


Vegas provides direct and operator-leveraged success for business critical requirements that range from corporate resorts to large institutional data centers.

Cellular AdvantRX
3722 Las Vegas Boulevard South 2306
Las Vegas, Nevada 89158
United States of America

2075 E Flamingo Rd,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
United States of America

10301 Jeffreys Street,
Henderson, Nevada 89052
United States of America

8280 W Warm Springs Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113
United States of America


Vegas operations leverage the strengths of its strategic European partners to offer systems that are ready.


European Headquarters:
Vegas.IM Ltd.
62 Moorcroft Drive
Airdrie, North Lanarkshire ML6 8ES


The Vegas carry out of commercial digital certificates to certify ownership, is from a presence in Eastern Europe.

Asseco Data Systems S.A.
ul. Bajeczna 13
Szczecin, West Pomeranian 71-838
Republic of Poland

Military University of Technology in Warsaw
ul. gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego 2
Warszawa, Masovian 00-908
Republic of Poland


Vegas exploits quantum physics well established in Western Europe.

ID Quantique S.A.
Chemin de la Marbrerie 3
Carouge, Geneva CH-1227

Federal Institute of Metrology
Lindenweg 50
Berne-Wabern, Koniz CH-3003

French Network Information Security Agency (ANSSI)
51 Boulevard de La Tour-Maubourg 75700
Paris, lle-de-France SP 07

Federal Office for Information Security
Postfach 200363
Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia 53133

Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing economic region in the world. This region has the fastest growing computer market. It is also a very culturally and ethnically diverse region.

Vegas lab testing is headquarterd in Australia. Vegas authenticity is executed with formalities from major cities in 7 countries, and compliance assessed within 9 countries through Australia.

iTech Labs Australia
Suite 24, 40 Montclair Ave,
Glen Waverley, Victoria 1350

National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia
Sydney (Head Office)
PO Box 7507,
Silverwater, NSW 2128

Authenticity executed with formalities from: Nevada USA, Scotland UK, Sydney AU, Rhodes AU, Paris FRA, Bonn DEU, Geneva CHE, Bern-Wabern CHE, Szczecin POL and Warsaw POL.

With assessments in compliance within: Australia AU, Isle of Man IM, Italy IT, Spain ES, Malta MT, United Kingdon GB, Alderney in the Bailiwick of Guernsey GG, Denmark DK, and Portugal PT.

Vegas will continue to grow our presence by building long term relationships with partners and growing our customer base.

The Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) is an Internet exchange point in Seattle, USA. - Source: "Welcome to the Seattle Internet Exchange | ". Seattle Internet Exchange. April 1997. Web. 4 April 2002. - It has two locations in the city: the Westin Building and KOMO Plaza (formerly Fisher Plaza). The SIX is a fast-growing, neutral and independent peering point which was created as a free exchange point sponsored only by donations.

"How do you do all this with one part-time paid engineer, and a bunch of volunteers? How do you actually run an exchange at this high scale and this complexity because with this many peers there's a lot of questions, there's a lot of issues, there's debugging, there's vendor action?" - Source: Reimer, Jared (Speaker) "Seattle Internet Exchange, Seattle's Community IXP: 20 Years Strong", Youtube, commentary by TeamNANOG, June 6, 2017, - "The answer is much easier than you think. We have the paid engineer Chris as the primary responder, we have a whole team who have been in the industry for more than two decades or more, and who have all worked together in different capacities over the years who are all backups, we all have logical and physical access to the infrastructure, and I think we have had almost no incidents that I can think of where our response time has not been anything other than instantaneous, and that has to do candidly with the people more than the infrastructure. These are all people that we know to be highly reliable, highly responsive, compitent, credible, people that are not just front line NOC, but engineers that can actually get in there and work with peers and participates and vendors as needed. We have honestly had an incredibly good run."

"The task that [Packet Clearing House] PCH was first created to address is the building and support of Internet Exchange Points." - Source: "Packet Clearing House | PCH". January 1995. Web. - "IXPs are the places where Internet Service Providers interconnect their networks, to exchange traffic between their customers and create Internet bandwidth."

"We provide quantum based random number generators which are random number generators based on harnessing the randomness of quantum physics to generate truely random numbers." - Source: Richdale, Kelly MBA & CISSP. "Quantum Key Distribution: State of the Art Technology and Real-life Applications, Kelly Richdale", Youtube, commentary by Aalto University, May 28, 2015, - "It is very very difficult to generate true randomness, you can't take deterministic computer code and try to generate randomness from it, you need external elements. The device sold by IDQ are anything from four to sixteen megs we sell them into gaming and security applications. We can build higher throughput but we've never seen the requirement for it, because what you do with all that randomness is normally stored offline in the security world or in the gaming world, so in our view that is not the challenge."

C-Byte Quality is Proven in Conformity with ISO/IEC Standards - Source: "ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Random Number Generator Certified 2012, Game Certified 2012 by iTechLabs AUS, IMN, ITA, ESP, MLT, GBR, GGY, DNK, PRT is NATA (2007) ACRED 15690, IDQ TQR, METAS (2010) Nr.151-04687, CEA CESTI-LETI, BSI AIS20/AIS31 (2011/2014), ANSSI (2014) PTG.3" - C-Byte provides thoroughly tested hardware, software, and services for multinational operations since 1989.

February 2018

Information in this document is subject to change without notice. C-Byte may not offer the products, features, or services discussed in this publication in other countries. Consult your local C-Byte business contact for information on products or services available in your area.

Vegas has an open peering policy, data of many forms are provided to Vegas on a voluntary basis by research partners, peers, and project participants. Vegas may, at its sole option, anonymize, aggregate, delete, or restrict access to portions of the data, but does not represent that it will do so in any particular case.